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Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

Problems with “American democracy” are worsening ...

  • Americans are increasingly polarized
  • Growing L-curve distribution of money and power
  • Disruption of the election process with ... fake news, rage radio, foreign manipulation, etc.
  • Lawmakers are stuck in gridlock
  • Declining trust in government
  • Declining shared vision and spirit of national community
  • Increasing autocratic leadership
  • Exploding national debt
  • Intractable wars
  • (name the issue that concerns you most)
These problems are caused by our System
Our 18th century Constitution structures a system of thinking based on competition, where special interests naturally dominate the public interest. It's worked we'll so far because we are independent. But today we are increasingly interdependent. So the battle between the Red and Blue team destroys the public square. And the battle of corporate "special interests" destroy the health of our people, our community and our planet. However we, a few of us, can facilitate a transformation in our system of thinking merely. Not by getting rid of anything we have today. But by adding a new "We the People" conversation to what already exists.

What’s the Solution?
Using the Wisdom Council Process we need to facilitate all citizens to stop and think regularly, to face the monster issues of our time ... and to creatively seek answers that work for everyone. This would be a new system of thinking; a new level of democracy. Of course in the process, we'll also achieve breakthrough progress on each issue we address.

Note, for instance, how this regular coming together of all ... if it's possible to achieve ... would go
a long way to healing the partisan divide, breaking up the legislative gridlock and building trust in government. It also will achieve breakthrough progress on each issue We address. In

If this is so easy to implement, so powerful and already proving itself to work, why isn't it taking off yet? ... Mainly, people don't have an experience of groups thinking together creatively. The Wisdom Council Process looks a lot like "Deliberative Democracy" approaches that can't promise these benefits. It relies on social innovations that can seem like wishful thinking. So even it takes some investigation. But the good news is ... we just need a few people to "get it" and enough resources and we can start this process at the national level. To get an idea check out the global strategy.

See this short (9 min) video on
Rebirth of We the People. ... from 1/25/17, just after the installation of Donald Trump as President. The talk is given to the Democrats of Spokane WA, but It could just as easily been given to the Republicans if Hillary Clinton had won.

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