How to solve climate change — 6 strategies

People often express fear and frustration about the prospects for our society, especially around climate change. For those who have studied the problem it seems depressingly difficult because success depends on the whole world working together. But, these same people can seem dismissive of a new solution strategy which promises to bring the whole world together. It's strange. Do they have some other solution in mind? What is that solution? And can it really work? Often in moments of exasperation someone might say ... “Technology will fix our problems," or “We just need to make people aware,” or "I'll just do what I can and if everyone does the same that’s all we can do.” These simplistic ideas might be enough to end a conversation but probably aren’t a good bet.

Below the most common solution strategies are identified. By themselves they don't hold up well, even all of them together. But with Wise Democracy strategy then these other strategies can fit into a cohesive whole.

In this pdf file, the first page is a description of the seven strategies. On the second page there is space for you to articulate your own strategy:Chartof Climate Strategy4

Chartof Climate Strategy4