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Prototyping Wisdom Councils in Austria

The Office of Future Related Issues (OFRI) for the State of Vorarlberg, Austria, headed by Dr. Manfred Hellrigl has been pioneering use of the Wisdom Council since 2005. This office has helped city and state governments in Vorarlberg conduct Wisdom Councils (See descriptions) and has also been helping other governments throughout Europe to use it. For example, Manfred and his department has held two FREE conferences called "Surfing Democracy" to share what they are doing with people in other regions and countries.

  • In this eleven minute video are seven short segments strung together where Dr. Manfred Hellrigl describes his organization's experience with the Wisdom Council. He is talking in a Skype call to citizen activists in North Carolina. Each of the seven video segments can be seen separately. Afterwards, Michael Lederer, who works in the department and is often one of the Dynamic Facilitators, speaks of his experience.

Below, Michael Lederer who works in the Office of Future Related Issues speaks about his experience setting up Wisdom Councils.