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How to Overcome Partisan Gridlock and the power of Money-in-Politics

It's simple: The problem arises because there is no legitimate public conversation, yielding a wise, powerful voice of "We the People." There is only competing Special Interests, each one claiming to be the "public interest." …The President (or a well-funded network of non-profit organizations) could pick a hot issue like health care, energy security, the environment, or the national debt —It doesn't have to be well-defined —and convene a Wisdom Council. (We call this kind of Wisdom Council, when the topic is chosen ahead of time, a "Creative Insight Council.")

Or, we can just do it using a national REALITY TV SHOW to bring it to the nation. See the cartoon video.

Below are details of the strategy.

- "We already tried something like this and it didn't work.
- "Won't this just be ignored by Congress?"
- "How can this affect the stuck ego's and low consciousness of a whole society."
- "If this is so easy why haven't we been doing this?
- "Nothing is going to change until we reach bottom!"