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Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council Seminar

To understand the Wise Democracy strategy we recommend that you learn the skills of Dynamic Facilitation and experience choice-creating in the context of at least one three day seminar on Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council. In this seminar you will learn key leadership skills — how to help diverse groups address and solve impossible-seeming issues, conflicts, and other difficult tasks, where they creatively achieve unity in a fairly short time. Furthermore, in this seminar people learn the core thinking process of democracy, that it isn't about debating, negotiating, deliberating, or decision-making ... although of course these all play a vital role. More fundamentally thought, true democracy is about "choice-creating" … where diverse people face the key issues with respect, and mutually create win/win answers. As expressed by Mary Parker Follet in her 1918 book "The New State" ... The very essence and substance of democracy is the creating of the collective will. Without this activity the forms of democracy are useless, and the aims of democracy are always unfulfilled.

This seminar has been around for over twenty years and has been taught in many cities including Seattle WA, Frankfurt, Vienna, Denver CO, Zurich, Bangkok, Jackson MS, Perth, Amsterdam, Portland OR, Singapore, Washington DC, Chicago IL, and many more. Fortunately there are a growing number of capable seminar providers including ...

Download the Manual for Dynamic Facilitation by Rosa Zubizarreta (2006 Version).