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The Wisdom Council Process

The Wisdom Council Process is where, by design, Wisdom Councils happen regularly. This way the people of a large system begin to recognize their new role as "We the People.” providing responsible leadership to elected officials. This is a restructuring of the system from one where constitutions and rules are ultimately in charge, to where the people are more primarily in charge. Ultimately, the people have the capability to step back from the competition and think collaboratively. The Wisdom Council process can be applied to any large system—community, organization, city, nation, business, school, co-op, network, or corporation.

What does it look like?

Every three to six months twelve members of the community are randomly selected to meet for a few days as a Wisdom Council. Each Wisdom Council identifies and addresses an issue of high importance, whether solvable or not. The Wisdom Council is
dynamically facilitated to achieve a quality of conversation known as “choice-creating,” where they creatively and collaboratively determine a unanimous strategy to address this issue. Then they present this perspective back to the community, along with their story of how they got there. Everyone in the community or organization is invited to hear this perspective, reflect on it with others in small groups, and report back his or her level of resonance. After such a presentation and conversation generally people recognize that most everyone is in sync, saying,"Yes, I think so too!".
Even when some differ with the Wisdom Council conclusions it’s a new conversation because people are generally are interested in hearing their viewpoint seeking to learn from it. So this is the primary aim of the Wisdom Council Process ... to add a new kind of “We the People” public conversation to what we already have. Not only does the new existence of “We the People” transform our system but “We” will also shift our system in the direction of greater wisdom. Experts, leaders, special interest groups and general folk are all included in this new ongoing public conversation.
Paradoxically, even though people come more into alignment, they also become more unique. This is because in choice-creating progress happens through valuing individual differences. They are required to achieve the shifts and breakthroughs which lead to win/win unity. There are
twelve principles.

See some of the experiments with the Wisdom Council.

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