The Wise Democracy Amendment

How is it possible to facilitate true democracy into being, where "We the People" of today are in charge of our system, rather than "We the People" of the 18th century? Originally it was thought that the only way to do this was through a U.S. Constitutional Amendment, first published in the book, Society's Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People." This strategy is still a good one.

Suggested Wise Democracy Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  • Section 1Wisdom Council Process: There shall be an ongoing series of national Citizens Wisdom Councils, at least two per year. Each Wisdom Council is comprised of twelve to sixteen citizens randomly selected from voter registration roles, who gather for two to five days. They choose an issue of vital importance and are facilitated to create unanimous perspectives. These perspectives are “Statements of the People.”
  • Section 2The National Ceremony: All citizens are invited to come together in different venues to hear the Wisdom Council present its perspective. The report consists of Statements of the People, a sharing the story of how these statements were created, and personal reflections from members of the Wisdom Council on their experience. Once the Wisdom Council finishes this presentation, it disbands. Then the people visit with one another face to face about the conclusions and register their level of support.
  • Section 3—The "We the People" Conversation: After this National Ceremony all citizens are encouraged to continue the public conversation. All are given an opportunity to register their level of support for the Statements on line where anyone can see the extent of citizen resonance. Over time the Wisdom Councils facilitate an inclusive ongoing national conversation, which approximates a Constitutional Convention, where “We the People” solutions to problems emerge.
  • Section 4—Assuring the Essential Quality of Conversation: Each Wisdom Council must be facilitated in a way that assures "choice-creating," a quality of talking and thinking that is heartfelt, collaborative and creative where citizens seek answers what's best for all. Dynamic Facilitation is used within the Wisdom Council to assure choice-creating and unanimous, enthusiastic conclusions.
  • Section 5—Oversight of the Process: A rotating group of twelve former Wisdom Council members are convened to assure capable Dynamic Facilitation and to provide for ongoing support to the national “We the People” conversation. Three elected members from each of the previous four Wisdom Councils serve on the Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee shall also be dynamically facilitated.
The Wise Democracy Amendment provides a deep systemic way to:
  • Transform the quality of political conversation so that it becomes more inclusive, respectful, creative and consensual.
  • Generate a bottom-up shared vision and a spirit of national and global community.
  • Generate new solutions to crucial public issues, plus the political will to implement these solutions.
  • Facilitate "Wise Democracy," where all citizens come together as “We the People” and provide competent leadership to government, the courts, and to society in general.
  • Preserve and enhance individual freedoms and deepest human values, and help release people’s creative gifts in service to the public interest.
  • Achieve these benefits in a way that is safe, with no coercion, identifiable risk, or immediate change to existing institutions.

Video interview on the Wise Democracy Amendment (8/27/10